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Batch fulfil orders, predefined packages and new paid plan

New Feature

It's been a busy couple of months at Ricemill HQ. We've made a big update to the app over the weekend.

Today we're introducing new paid plan that comes with couple of the new exciting features (see below). These changes ensure we can continue to support and scale the app in a sustainable way.

Here are 2 new features we've released as part of the paid plan.

Batch fulfil orders

Batch fulfil orders and print up to 50 labels at once. No more multiple credit card charges for each label. Watch the quick demo on how it works.


create labels for multiple orders and pay it together

It would be great to be able to pay and print for multiple orders at the same time

Nicole H
Shipped 🚀


Predefined packages

Setup predefined packages for different package types (cartons, boxes, envelops etc). This can save time in your fulfilment process. See how it works.


Support predefined shipping packages

Allow users to store frequently used package boxes in the app. This can streamline order fulfilment without having to re-enter the dimension every time.

Chew Lim
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