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Introducing the new "Batch Assign"

New Feature

We are excited to announce the release of our newest feature called "Batch Assign", which allows you to assign the same measurements and courier service to multiple shipments at once.


Here's a quick overview of how "Batch Assign" works:


The "Batch Assign" feature is designed to enhance your order fulfilment efficiency and simplify your shipping tasks. We believe it will be a valuable addition to your workflow.


Available to all paid plans.



Batch Fulfil: Assign the same service to multiple orders

In instances where a number of orders are being sent via the same service, it would save considerable time if all of those orders could be selected from the Batch Fulfil screen and assigned the same service. I am using 'If it packs it posts' flat rate satchels. Currently all my orders fit in the same sized satchel (medium). Presently I must individually assign the service to each order. For my last batch I had to repeat this identical task 23 times. If it could be done once it would save me and others a lot of time. Thanks for your consideration.

Jeremy J
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Batch Fulfil: Select same parcel weights / dimensions

The option to select multiple orders and assign the same parcel dimensions/weights within a batch fulfil prior to clicking into each order.

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